Duration: 2 months

Design & Build
Team work
Mumbai, 2019.

11,000 sq.ft

Dared shaped with
noble materials

are the two rules that shaped the offices of the financal center. The space composed of organic and eccentric designs within this luxurious positionning is the mirror of the power of the company on the market.


Without limits,

the furnitures use the materials at the limit of their properties, Thanks to a mesured balance system, marble and brass can contrast on this movable dining table.

The meeting table

is on the same lengh following a slick and minimal design. The proportion allow to receive ten people with two single like elements. The corian on the leg shows its seemless black finish while the 3.2 meter long marble top seems to float. For an adjusted maintenance, a trap door aloows a man to go inside without damaging any materials.

The process

and the following up on the production was the final steps for achieving a result at the level. The presence on the difference steps of transformation of the materials and assembly with a close control was essential for making the design possible.

The baffle ceilling

of this masterpiece is composed of more than three thousand baffles, each having their own size on a work divided by quarter. The liquid wooden shape surrounds the lobby entrance and the chairman desk in order to welcome as due the visitors. The installation was though in order to avoid the mistakes on site. The assembly parts were screwed before to the ceilling support for respecting the alignment. Pieces cut on the angle allowed to fix the baffles with light.

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