Duration: 2 months

Design & Build
Team work

Noida, 2019.

7,000 sq.ft

The energy

is the central element which shaped the layout of the space. Following this impactful element, the furnitures are the echos of this minimalist parametric wave. The main materials of the space are OSB with a black edge profile which embodies the wish of Veolia to shift towards sustainable energy production. The boardroom, which is the central element of the office is raised with white finishes. As a summary of the space, the boardroom table is a composition of white boards with black frames.


The boardroom table

accordingly with the wishes of the users is the assembly of six movable tables. For esthetic purposes, the legs are designed in a way that the whole table seems to be a single piece. For a complete use, each table has its own electrical box which can be pluged in the floor or the walls.

By being minimalist and ingenous,

the boardroom table can receive workshops or events. The space is used at its higher potential while keeping in the same room all the elements.


A standardized design

helps for the costing as much as the execution of the pieces. By using the same templates and materials as foam and fabric, more than belonging to the same family of objects, the two furnitures are the reflect of the technological processes used by Veolia.

The informal meeting sofa follows the idea of the wave. With the same intent to optimize the furnitures, the higher part is as much a back as a support on the other side. The inclination allows to keep the body stable by swaying.

The phonebooth is for an optimized use of the space is fourty-five degrees turned from the circulation. The space for the body remains sufficient while respecting the intimacy and efficiency of the booth during the use.