for cooling system

Third year of Bachelor studies

Duration: 2 months

Personal project
Work in autonomy.

James Dyson Award competition


is a propsective project aiming to give solutions to reduce the energy consumption of cooling system as per as a low tech solution for situations without efficient cooling devices.

The democratisation of air conditionning in the worldwide increases the global consumption of electrecity. AC electrecity represents will represents 12.7% of the global electricity demand by 2050. Fresheur by reducing of 4°C the air passing throughout, allows to reduce the power of the colling units for the same final results.

Increase the comfort

of life by increasing the efficiency of devices as fans, which allows to reduce for low tech the temperature and for a wide range of users.


The next step

would be to develop industrially the technic of production for developped countries user as US (23% of the global user) or China (35% of the global user), while proposing a low tech production for countries in developpment where heat is a everyday challenge.
Facing the global warming, the use of Air conditionning will go up and worse with time.