Second year of Bachelor studies

Duration: 3 months

Long project
Work in duo.


This soda machine is a partnership with the Braun and Smeg brands. We used the Dieter RAMS Good Design from Braun and made a appliance that looks like the Smeg design of the 50’s. Children are the main target. Stickers are sold in the same time as the appliance.


« Less is more »
Be helpful & thoughtful

The design of the machine follows simple teaching of the 10 Dieter Rams’ good design principle.
The innovation of the project comes from with an evolution of the shapes and the structure of the machine allowed thanks to small technological evolutions. The minimalistic floating shapes of the machine, intrinsically used for functionality purposes, create an appealing product for a large range of kitchen. The design is unobtrusive in a sense that the neutral esthetic does not restrains the user in its personal projection in context.

By guiding the endeavors, the product is honest for the user and secured. As the product talks by itself, it does not require the user for further instructions about the use. The structure shares the same codes as the previous one, with forgetting innovate propositions which follows the 80/20 rule. Thanks to a single contrasting color and guiding shapes, either constrained neither appealing, the user naturally follows the steps of use. The combination of both for serving the affordance, coupled with reversible actions and obvious functionalities. The actions are thorough down to the last detail that allows to do not give false promises. Finally, the product is environmentally friendly in a manner that the purpose of the machine allows to save plastic bottle for sparkling water drinker. Moreover, the process is durable as the shapes are refined and is as little as possible. First, the pieces uses less resources in the process and are accurate according to the use. Then, the neutral colors and pure style make the product out of fashion, with a positive user experience which makes it long-lasting.