Third year of Bachelor studies

Duration: 1 months
Project in solo

Personnal project

The sideboard is adaptative and made to lay down trays of various size. The table answers to its functions by giving the opportunity to choose the tray according to the situation. It has to be sober and has a high-end look with a discret affordance. In response to the functions, the esthetic suits as much for swimming pool party as luxuous interiors for house or appartment. The structure is as finer as possible. It is made with copper and beechwood. The curves are fitted into smaller copper cylinders. Thanks to this system, you can change the form of the base and lay down trays of various size.

The process

is adaptable to the mass production conception thanks to the blending process. However, it requires a high finishing ending for addition of the leather bidding and assembly. By slotting out a joining part at the base, the table is foldable and sold flat.

Martin_JULES 23.jpg